MAR Problem identified & Scientific Study

APR-MAY Industrial research, Product design 

JUN First Prototype and Real environment testing

JULY Mass production prototype, promotion and Kickstarter preparation

AUG Making orders from manufacturer 

SEP Start mass production


We have already established connections with the UVC emitters provider and the body manufacturer. A few generations of prototypes were made from them to make sure our final product is of perfect quality. We have passion, ideas and the acts to make Sterly happen. All we need is your support to make this project real. 

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and the UVC technology getting more mature, the UVC related components can be out of stock due to high demand, resulting delays for shipments. We promise that we will do all we can to make sure Sterly will get to your hand ASAP.

Prototype 1

In late May we made the first Sterly prototype. We were using Stanly LED and with the manufacturer Lumica. With this prototype we were able to perform tests in a real life environment to see if the calculation and design are correct, and compare Sterly with other UVC products. We were pleased as it performs better in different aspects.

(videos of testing doses)

During the test we found out the disadvantages of early Sterly: There is not enough visible pilot light indicating the area of disinfection as UVC is not visible to nake eyes. We also improved the design for a more human-body engineered curved handle.

Due to the high power output of the UVC light, considerable heat is generated when Sterly is switched on. We came up with an air-dynamic design to make possible a small but powerful UVC device.

Prototype 2.0

Other than that, we also found a problem that most currently existing UVC devices have: the power of UVC decreases exponentially the longer the distance. To solve this problem we re-design the optics focus. The UVC dose is increased by 6.5 times at 5cm distance. 

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