Development History

Sterly Prototype 1 – Mar 2020

Our first prototype was ready in late May. We used Japanese-made LED UVC lights by Stanley with 21.5mW and a body from Lumica. With this prototype, we performed our first real-life tests, evaluating the calculations and design. We compared Sterly with other UVC products and found that the performance of our product was significantly better in power output, usability and convenience.

Sterly Prototype 2 – May 2020

In our next prototype, we improved the design and LED light.
As a UVC LED does not emit enough visible light for users to know which area is being disinfected, we added a circuit that combines the UVC LED with another LED emitting visible light, to ensure users know where they are pointing the tool.
We also increased the power output, making Sterly more effective than other UVC LED disinfecting tools available in the market. We came up with a sleek design so the device was small but powerful.

Sterly Prototype 3 – current version

In Sterly prototype 3, our current version, we solved a typical problem for many UVC devices: the power of the UVC rays (and their effectiveness) decreases exponentially with the distance to the target. Performing various optical calculations, we further improved the model by introducing an optical focus, making Sterly at least 3 times as effective. While a normal UVC LED radiates across 130 degrees, Sterly has a more narrow beam at 90 degrees. Patents are pending; a more detailed technical breakdown can be provided once our intellectual property is secured.

We are also designing interchangeable lenses allowing users to alter the focus of the radiation. A focused light design is ideal for the disinfection of masks, phones, and smaller surfaces, while a broader beam is more suitable for shoes or water bottles. Bonus interchangeable lenses will be included together with Sterly.

Future development

We are currently working on a patent-pending design for automatic recognition of humans and animals to make Sterly stop instantly while pointing at them.
We have designed custom circuits and chips for Sterly devices. Furthermore, we have already established connections with the UVC LED provider and the body manufacturer. We worked on several versions of Sterly until we were fully satisfied with our final version, which we are proud to present to you.

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